Team Sokos Employee Spotlight: Ashley Graham

Building a strong, talented and hard-working team is the absolute foundation of any successful organization. Employees who are knowledgeable with a passion for their career is the most important asset to Sokos Social. We very much value the human experience with our clients that in turn ensures the creative process is seamless. Sokos Social love to pair our talented employees with our clients’ passion for their work.

One such example is our Production Manager, Ashley Graham.  Affectionately known as “the glue” that keeps everything together, Ashley is a graduate of University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She began working as an intern for Sokos Social, and since then, has been promoted twice, most recently to a newly-created role as Production Manager.

Even in her previous roles as Client Success Specialist and Production Assistant, Ashley eagerly supports her coworkers the same way she supports our clients. She thrives in opportunities where she can develop eye-catching visuals and create a voice for local businesses and nonprofits.  Coworkers describe her work ethic as dedicated and resourceful, giving our clients top-of-the-line work.

Ashley is a Florida native who resides with her husband, Ken, in Bradenton, FL. At home, Ashley is a craft queen who enjoys learning new things and any opportunity to get creative.

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