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What’s in a Brand?  At Sokos Social, we believe that your company’s Brand lies at the intersection point of Marketing and Operations.  Sokos Social puts it simply – your Brand is the “soul” of your company. It’s what makes you unique as an organization.  It’s how your company makes its customers, staff, and stakeholders feel.  

Your Brand Identity, on the other hand, can be defined as how your audience perceives you.  Consider it the “face” of your company. Without a comprehensive, well-defined brand identity, your audience might not understand who you are as an organization, the products and services you offer, and, most importantly – why to choose YOUR brand from a sea of options.

Sokos Social can guide you through the process of exploring your existing Brand Identity, or we can help you create a NEW Brand Identity from an idea or vision.

Many of our clients are well established and have been operating for decades in the community. In Marketing, part of your market position includes staying relevant with your Brand and how people perceive it. For example, a tagline or logo that was cutting-edge 15 years ago may come off as dull in 2018. If the same message and brand for a business doesn’t change, the community is more likely to ignore that message that is communicated through marketing & advertising.  

Our passionate Sokos Social team takes creative marketing concepts with a keen eye for style to rebrand our clients’ image. During the rebranding process we work together to establish who our clients are as a brand and what you want to convey to the audience. We start this process by spending time listening to your leadership, staff, and customers to define not only a mission, vision and value proposition but “soft” characteristics, like tone and descriptors.

Sokos Social first gives our client a brand exploration survey to define the personality or overall feel of the brand. After the exploration of the brand is created we work with our clients to create a fresh take on their brand with a clear message.

The brand exploration process is more than selecting new graphics, fonts and an overall aesthetic of the brand although it is a large part of it.  Sokos Social dives deeply into the brand by creating an artistic overhaul including a Brand Style Guide and detailed Brand Exploration documents to set a Brand Standards. Verbiage and key words used by the brand are defined to create a consistent brand voice and personality. Through Sokos Social our clients can stay consistent with a brand image across all mediums. We provide brand assets including business cards, marketing materials, social media graphics, letterheads and more for our clients.

As technology and trends evolve so quickly here in 2018, Sokos Social prides itself on always being on the cusp of what is trending.

Are you ready to develop your brand and update your image?  We’re happy to offer free Brand Identity consultations (30 minute call, $65 value).  

Fill out our Free Brand Identity Consultation Form and let’s get to work!


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