Website Compliance Packages

New Security Regulations for Websites in Affect

You may have heard the news lately that Google is increasingly ranking websites higher that have installed security certificates (SSL certificates). In addition, the General Data Protection Regulations have changed privacy disclosure requirements for all websites. In order to comply with these new standards, Sokos Social is offering a new product for Agency Clients and past/one-time Website Clients. This one-time process will ensure your website meets the latest standards of accessibility, security, and privacy and continues to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Agency Client Packages: This one-time $199 fee will create a privacy policy page, bring the website up to date with GDPR regulations, and install an SSL Certificate. The purchase of the SSL Certificate is a separate purchase made by the business, however Sokos Social will oversee the transaction for our Agency Client. This will result in a website that meets ADPR’s latest standards of accessibility, security, and privacy.
Website Client Packages: this $349 fee includes all of the listed services above, PLUS minor content updates including copyright year, food menu, portfolio, and picture gallery additions.